Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quadraclear update

This product seems to work well. Claude no is longer shaking his head but I clean them daily w the Q tips and apply Quadraclear on my finger. The soreness is going away too so we are both happy. Claude's drive for tug work is better as well.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ear problems

Claude has some kind of ear problem. With ear problems it is hard to tell if it is caused by bacteria,fungus,mites,yeast or grass allergy. I got a product that takes care of them all and promotes ear health by maintaining a natural flora balance in the ear when used weekly. It is called quadraclear. My problem is Claude does not like drops put in his ears. I forced him twice using a hasty muzzle. The first time I thought the fight was on but he seemed so offended that I had to find a less stressful way for both of us. I found a good way to administer the otic solution for cleaning and the medicine by putting it on Q tips which he likes. Go figure.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rules of engagement-marker training

I got the 2 DVD set "the power of playing tug with your dog" from Michael Ellis today and am I glad I waited. The main theme here is engagement and Claude is the perfect dog to teach with the tug. I had to order some pocket tugs from the "for dog trainers" link on my website but in the mean time I will make a jute tug of the proper size by having my friend Marianne at stitch one together from some jute rag I have. This is going to be a gas. Video coming in a couple weeks as I become proficient with the engagement exercise. Claude is already good w targeting on the pillow but I need to be able to hide the tug on me for the engagement work.
Post script; avoid playing tug until you learn these techniques or you risk making your dog possessive of the tug and you will have to retrain him. Do kit right and get a spit second retrieve.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mr. Stick

I introduced Claude to the stick this week. I have a padded leather stick. At first he squinted a bit or closed his eyes but already he is keeping his eyes open while I play tug with him and rub him or strike the bite wedge with it or raise it over my head. My next accessory is a leather agitation harness and a tie out. Then I'll be able to put some back pressure on his bite. He'll love it. I'm very anxious to get the Michael Ellis video,"The power of playing tug with your dog".

Friday, April 30, 2010

K9 fixation

While I was deciding to get rid of his toy because he fixates on it,Angel chewed it up. Yes,it was apparent Claude was fixated on that particular toy. I think it brought back memories. It is best he get past that. So I can get him new toys more related to working and small enough to conceal. He will work great for a tug so I will get one small enough to conceal and make it magically appear at the perfect time. To that end I have ordered the DVD"the power of playing tug with your dog" from Leerburg video. I need the 3 DVD set but I have to set priorities for now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bite pillow

I got the bite wedge last monday. Claude loves it. He really enjoys getting his teeth into something and we work out twice a day with it. I'm using the squeeky toy he came w as a reward for obedience and this is working well.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dominance Dance

I'm posting a short video of Angel and Claude doing what I call a dominance dance. I have heard it called a dominance scuffle but dance seems more apropos. Angel is a master of communication and the body language you see here is a perfect example of the secret language of dogs that people are not very aware of. You can see a similar video with a malinois and a golden or lab at youtube by Adam Katz. I like this one. These two have become fast friends and Angel will move from the deck down to the pad to hang out with Claude when he is kenneled. How sweet. I took Claude to the working dog club and he was very interested in the goings on and got several compliments. He didn't show the drive I see at home but I'll work on that when I get my new bite "pillow". I have to wait to get the video but there's stuff I can do in the mean time with him using the bite wedge/pillow. I need an agitation harness too before I can back tie him to do "back pressure" on the bite with Claude. This is all to build his drive. It is a glorified and highly structured game of tug and he loves to play tug so it will seem like a game to him while he develops skills and confidence. He already has inherent courage.